Cell Senescence, Cancer & Aging

ColladoLab is a research lab of the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela, IDIS, within the University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela, CHUS. The opinions and information that you will find here are personal and do not reflect the opinion nor are representative of our institution.

Latest Updates

Investigamos en COVID-19 gracias al apoyo de GAIN-Xunta de Galicia
En 2020 el mundo comenzó a oír hablar de un nuevo virus respiratorio que había aparecido en China a finales del 2019 y que amenzaba con extenderse infectando a toda…
ColladoLab on Tour
We are on the road and from September to December we will have the chance to speak and meet people at different events. Check out and if you are interested…
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ColladoLab in the newspapers
Recently we had the chance to collaborate on a couple of long newspaper reports on the expanding field of antiaging biotechs. This is a hot area of research that is…
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First Meeting of the Cell Senescence Group of the SEBBM
Last week (6-9 of September) we went to Málaga (in the South of Spain) to attend the 44th Meeting of the SEBBM (Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). Within…
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Welcome to Paula, Raquel and Lucía
Welcome to Paula Díaz Díaz López, Raquel Paredes Paredes and Lucía Lorenzo who joined out lab for their internships this year. They all come from Biotecnoloxía at USC here in…
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Cell Senescence within the annual SEBBM Meeting
Last year, 2021, we promoted the creation of a Cell Senescence group within the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM). This allows us now to have our own…
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ColladoLab will be at EMBO «Developmental Circuits in Aging» in Crete
We will be giving a short talk at the EMBO Meeting "Developmental Circuits in Aging" in Crete, Greece, from May 27-30, organized by George Garinis. There we will present some…
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