Last October 25, our colleague Sabela Da Silva presented her thesis with the expected success.

Sabela was one of the first to establish the laboratory when she joined in the 2012-2013 academic year to perform her TFM. These years were full of hard work, joys and frustrations, but all this has resulted in the formation of a great scientist and a great person.

Sabela with her co-directors and lab-mates

Her thesis, titled Senescence in development, regeneration and cancer, was co-directed by Dr. Laura Sánchez-Piñón and Dr. Manuel Collado. Her work covers the fundamentals of cellular senescence both in the physiological and pathological contexts.

The examining board was composed of Dr. Purificación Muñoz from IDIBELL in Barcelona, Dr. Anxo Vidal from CIMUS in Santiago de Compostela and Dr. Ignacio Palmero from IIB in Madrid. As we expected, she obtained an outstanding cum laude grade.

The presentation and defense of the Thesis was amazing with very numerous assistance from both family and friends, and the subsequent celebration was tremendous, as the occasion deserved.

We wish her the best in this new stage of her life and, of course, we will miss her very much!!!