Cell Senescence within the annual SEBBM Meeting

Last year, 2021, we promoted the creation of a Cell Senescence group within the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM). This allows us now to have our own minisymposium within the Annual Meeting of the Society. This year the meeting is on September 6-9 in Malaga, and in particular our senescence meeting will take place on September 8th (15:30-18:00).

As keynote lectures we will have:

  • Ignacio Palmero (Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas ‘Alberto Sols’, CSIC-UAM, Madrid): «Cellular senescence in physiology and disease»
  • Juan Carlos Acosta (IBBTEC, CSIC, Santander): «Control of cellular senescence by the innate immune sensors»

We will also have talks selected from the submitted abstracts and some flash talks and posters.

Register «here«.

See you in Malaga