ICSA 2019 Athens

Last week (from 9th to 12th of September) we attended the 6th International Cell Senescence Association (ICSA) Conference in Athens, Greece: The bright and the dark side of senescence

As always it was a great chance to catch up with this exciting field, meet old friends, make new ones and to present our work. Sabela and Pilar both presented their work on posters and I had the chance to give a talk as invited speaker. Our work was well received and we got good feedback.

After years of being received with incredulity, the field of cellular senescence is finally being recognized as a crucial field to understand aging, age-related pathologies and the basic biology of tissue homeostasis. And from lots of the talks at this meeting, we are clearly heading to the therapeutic use of senescence. We will see how far we can push this field.

We will meet again in Osaka, Japan, November 2-5 2020, organized by Eiji Hara. See you there!

Sabela Da Silva-Alvarez (left) and Pilar Picallos-Rabina (right) discussing their results during the poster session at ICSA 2019 Athens