Cellular Aging and Metabolsim Symposium – CAMS2023

Next July 17-19 2023 we will have the second edition of the Cellular Aging and Metabolsim Symposium in Coruña. Last year we had the first edition and it was already a great success. Juan Fafian Labora, from CICA-INIBIC, is the main force behind this symposium, together with Maria Arufe, also from CIA-INIBIC.

Thanks to Juan´s generosity, I am part of the Scientific Committee and together with other colleagues we have put together what I consider a fantastic lineup of speakers:

Alejo Efean, CNIO; Jose ANtonio Rodríguez Navarro, IRICYS; Maria Elena Rendueles garcía, IMDEA Food; Consuelo Borrás, University of Valencia; Vicente André, CNIC; Mate Maus, VHIO; Nuria Climent, Clinic-UB; M Carmen de Andrés González, INIBIC; Federico Pietrocola, Karolinska Institute; Han Li, Institut Pasteur; Marta García Contreras, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Patricia Díaz Rodríguez, IDIS; Ángel Carracedo, FPGMX.

For more information and a detailed schedule, go to: https://www.cams2023.net/