ColladoLab at CNIO CFM Aging Meeting

Recently, May 9-10, 2022, we presented our work at a fantastic aging meeting held at CNIO and sponsored by Caixaresearch, the CNIO-CaixaResearch Frontiers Meeting «Molecular, Cellular and Organismal Drivers of Aging«, organized by María Blasco, Tom Rando and Alejo Efeyan. The lineup of invited speakers was fantastic with some of the best known leaders in the field of Aging (Steven Artandi, William Mair, Dario Valenzano, Brendan Manning, Jan Hoeijmakers, Vera Gorbunova, Pura Muñoz, Manuel Serrano, Ángela Nieto, Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna, Oscar Fernández-Capetillo, Christine K. Garcia and Juan Carlos Izpisúa). But the list of short talk speakers selected from the abstracts was not less impressive with Corina Amor, María Mittelbrunn, María Abad, Aurora Gómez Durán, and Marta Kovatcheva. I was honored to be also selected to give a short talk entitled «Cell senescence in development and regeneration». It was a great oppotunity for networking and meeting good all friends from our days at CNIO in Madrid.

Group picture with the attendees of the conference